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Tips for CS players looking to improve

Sometimes when my friends are over or I'm at theirs, we end up playing a versus game like civ or CS. The look on their faces and sound of annoyance in their voice is beautiful to me after I turn their heads into mince pie, over and over again, without even trying. Even on pubs I endlessly get pestered with hackusations, and approx. 5 seconds later great admin adds me onto the ban list. Not that I care because there are thousands more servers in the list to pick from.

Most people play source or GO nowadays especially with the new operation that came out. Almost everyone moved, but lately there has been a large influx of noobs back here, I'd say in the past two years maybe because of how this game is portrated as "old school" and "nostalgic" in plebbit and the modern CS "community" in general, this means that to them counterstrike 1.6 is the game that started it all, the best thing that ever was and everyone should try it as least once. But those who manage to overcome the "shitty minecraft graphics" [sic] after getting this game quickly put it down after they realize it's not as easy and simple as source or GO.

Personally I've started this game a long time ago, occasionally playing on weekends. One of my friends introduced me to to the game actually, and he kept offering to teach me how to play, but because I was so bad and saw zero improvement during those long 1v1 matches I just dropped it. But only losers drop what they suck at. If you quit, you will never get anywhere in life, so years of training put me where I am now. I wouldn't be as arrogant as to say I'm on a pro level, but rather "above the above average" if that makes sense. Still, that's all it takes to be banned every other day in 2017. So I've decided to make a noob guide for my friends and for anyone who's interested to getting better at the game. I am such a nice, generous person.

1. Rates, interp, fps_override and other settings
One key thing is sensitivity. Personally, I've disabled raw input as well (it gives me more control over my aim) and I'm using 1.7 sens with a high DPI setting on my mouse. That's just the first step, the next step is to change rates and interp. While they aren't magical cvars that will turn you into a pro, they help if you set them correctly. Tiny things make a big difference, so make sure you google a good rates and interp guide. Set net_graph to 2 or 3 and set rates until the graph stops going crazy and travels in a straight line. You can also go over the engine "limit" of 101 FPS by enabling fps_override which gets me 300-900 frames on a GTX 960 (depending on the map, of course). But this won't do much good if you're still using a 60hz refresh rate monitor.

Note: some servers fuck with you if you enable override, so if you are lagging a lot try disabling it for a while to see how it goes.

2. Stop running around
If you're a runner, you die. Making noise is the way you get killed by people who actually listen to footsteps. Always shift-walk to avoid detection (and stay away from loud teammates - no point in walking if there is someone following you loudly). Also, if you get a good headset and pre-fire the runners as they come out (even better wallbang them), you will be top-fragging.

3. Aim at the neck or head
It's hard to do this since the hitboxes are way smaller than they are in source, but with practice you will be able to do it. My tip is don't open fire until his face is in your crosshair, but that's only half of it. You need to stand still/keep your speed at 0 for complete accuracy, and only then aiming for the head would make sense. The 2nd best place to aim would be the stomach, so if the head is not an option, land a few shots there. Don't aim for the chest, for some reason, it soaks up less damage than the stomach and head (obviously).

4. Relax, or take a break
Another part of having a good aim is to not tense up or hold your breath. There is an old quote that reads "expect nothing, prepare for everything". It's more like mushin, an old chinese sword technique that is very hard to apply to counter-strike but it is possible and is one of the most important steps to becoming a pro. Don't think, don't listen to their taunts, mute voice chat, don't have a care in the world, just breathe out and play. Not being tensed up is how you will allow yourself to aim properly and win every firefight.

However, if you can't make yourself relax, consider taking a walk outside or a nap to get back to your senses. Don't sit on your arse and browse the internet, do some actual physical excercise.

5. Don't spray
Those who spray a lot will suck. Always tap or fire in small burts because recoil will get you. However, you CAN still spray and maintain good accuracy by counter-acting the recoil. Learn each recoil pattern for every weapon and move your mouse into the opposite direction and you should be fine, but still don't spray unless the enemy is right in front of you.

6. Learn the maps
Dust2 is the easiest map to learn IMO and a good starting point for this. You can get the hang of the "4-square" layout fairly quickly. After, when you learn all of the official maps you will find yourself pre-aiming common camping spots and other angles, shooting people as soon as they appear on the screen with little aiming required, which leads me to my next point...

7. Keep your crosshair at head-level
The more you play the more understanding of scale in the game you'll get, you'll understand how large/small everything is the closer or further away you are from it, if that makes sense. Soon you'll subconciously keep your xhair where it is supposed to be, so that when the opponent jumps out of a corner you can pop him without moving your mouse much.

8. Wallbang
If you're absolutely sure he's behind that wall, take the shot. With most guns you can shoot through walls at most 64 units thick. This includes most crates, so an awp can take out a crouched guy but be careful because they can rush you while you're focusing on the wallbang.

9. Strafe
Strafing will not only inhibit the opponent from shooting straight, but it will help reset your recoil/spread cone faster. Always keep moving or you will die. Also, another key thing you can do is counter-strafe which is basically killing your speed instantly by hitting the key opposite to the direction you're moving in. So now you don't have to wait a whole second for your spread cone to be at its smallest. A good weapon to strafe-fire with is the scout, you can consistently hit shots with it while moving sideways. Try scoutknivez, if there are any servers still up.

10. Don't download an aimbot or wallhack
So the way cheats work is that they do all of the work for you in a sloppy, noticable way. You will be banned and you will lose all of your skill overtime because you will be used to having your computer work for you instead of you engaging your mind. It's hard to explain how exactly you will lose skill but it happens. It has happened to me and it was difficult getting all of the skill back, but boy it was incredibly FUN to rage people with an aimbot.