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With Fire & Sword is a bad game

Mount&Blade: With Fire & Sword. What a boring game to play compared to Warband. The only reason I play it at all is because of the firearms. They are perfectly balanced, require skill and are fun to use in maps like marketplace. All of the firearms except for the rapid fire pistol, I mean, which is bullshit. It makes me mad. One of the other things that make me mad are the servers.

The servers are all hosted in Turkey, Russia, Poland, Estonia or some other genetically deprecated country. They are slow, lag, and I find myself to miss easy shots at point blank range and lag behind all the time because the only 20 active servers in this game are hosted in Nigeria. This pisses me off. Sometimes I don't think it's the server location to blame. I connect to game servers on the other side of the world in Counter-Strike and still, somehow manage to kick ass without high latency. I suppose it's either that this game is poorly optimised (which it is, besides), or the server is hosted on a shitty white box from the 1990s. In other words, it's hosted on something like this:


In fact, the biggest thing that pisses me off there are the players. There are three types of players in this game: Cannon fodder (those who suck and only serve to provide entertainment for others in this game, usually are russian), solo players who get raged and votekicked all the time, and the clans. Especially the fucking clans.

In a game of deathmatch where you are supposed to fight alone and kill everyone, you find clans. This doesn't happen in Warband. They either sit together in groups in the corner of the map and spam the rapid pistol, ride around in formation with hussar lance or take the biggest pike in the game and twirl round and round and kill everyone. Why is this game so clan-friendly? Because of overpowered and unbalanced shit like pikes. In fact, the pikes in the game are like noobtubes ported over from battlefield. Remember the noobtubes? They are ridiculous. In this game, pikes have the longest reach, and you can simply use a macro to make your character twirl and kill everyone in a 360 degree radius with minimum effort. This doesn't happen in Warband, because each type of troop has the perfect counter. Naked greatsword spammers running about? No problem, grab bow and arrows. Cavalry annoying you? No problem, take hand axe. Pike users en masse? Take sword. Too many archers? Grab a shield.

What about WFAS? Are naked greatsword spammers running about? No problem, grab musket. Is cavalry annoying you? No problem, bend over a little further. Pike users en masse? Spread those ass cheeks. Too many archers? Well guess what, in this game, they get horses, so all they need to do is ride into you to knock your shield away. Rapid pistols machine-gunning you to shit? Uninstall. In fact, uninstall was the best piece of advice I've had yet.

They know they are bad and suck too hard to use anything else than the noobtube (my term for pikes/rapid pistols), so when I kill them by chucking grenades at them, take heavy armor or the hussar lance, I make sure to rub salt in the wound by kicking at/teabagging their body. Then they rage and call you 'armor noob' and 'beta' and other insults that would only actually be insulting to their own kind: turks, french chickens and lowlifes. Even worse, they own half of the servers, so they can just ban you anytime they want. On the other 10 active servers there are, they just call votekicks on you. This game is bad, unbalanced and generally shit compared to Warband.